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working with you to find your way forward

Sometimes life can feel challenging, painful or just impossible. Sometimes we feel we cannot cope, change things or find a way forward. Things can be hard to understand or accept. Sometimes it can feel you have no one to turn to that will understand you. Life can feel just horrible.

Sometimes we can work through things ourselves. However, at other times talking to a counsellor really could help.

More and more people nowadays are discovering the benefits of counselling. It offers you confidentiality, understanding, acceptance and support. It's your space for you to think, feel, explore and reflect on what you want.

Talking about things in counselling helps clarify thoughts and feelings that might be buried deep inside or that have become too heavy and burdensome. A counsellor can be the person you talk to in confidence about things that might be too difficult or painful to say to others. Counselling is about you, your needs and what you want in a safe and secure place where you feel able to talk.

Counselling offers you the time and space you may need for yourself. Just to talk and to be listened to can be hugely beneficial. 

You may know someone who has been to counselling already. All sorts of people have counselling for all sorts of reasons, such as finding ways to cope, change or move forward in life, working through a difficult time or simply getting a different perspective on things.

I went to counselling to help me with difficult times in my life.

I passionately believe it could offer you the help you might need.

My own experiences of counselling have shaped how I am as a counsellor. My aim is to give people a positive experience from counselling like I had. You can talk about the things that you want to. There is no pressure and no expectations put on you.

As a counsellor, I strive to ensure you feel really heard, understood and supported in a welcoming, confidential and supportive environment.

My counselling is about standing beside you when you need it, supporting you in whatever you are going through, walking with you through the problems and helping you find your own way forward.

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